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The Take Back Africa Foundation is made up of African millennials living in the diaspora with one goal in mind: How can we improve the socio-economic status of the African continent while making it sustainable for future generations? We believe that African millennials are ripe to take on the challenges that Africa faces.  Africa is by far the youngest continent in the world. Millennials make up less than 30% of the continent’s population. 

Last year, we came together to plan the first ever Take Back Africa: Young Millennial Summit. The first summit took place at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities from June 15-17th. The summit provided workshops and keynotes spaces focused on producing innovative solutions to issues of economic revitalization, infrastructure development, public health, and education reform. The purpose of the summit was to inspire, equip and connect African diaspora millennials with the resources and each other to start implementing their ideas and solutions back home. 


The theme for the 2019 Summit is "Innovation for Development Purposes". As we embark on 2019, the summit hopes to provide a space for networking and innovation in order to support millennial ran projects that focus on economic revitalization, infrastructure development, public health and education reform.  

Our Programs

africa millennial mixers

The Take Back Africa Summit is proud to bring to you our social series focused on connecting African millennials within the diaspora to one another as well as volunteer opportunities! We are ready to be the change that we want to see in this world.

take back africa summit


- Advocating for the grass roots work 

- Advocating for millennials ran initiatives

- Impact and Innovation driven  - Investing in projects led by African millennials within the diaspora 

- Networking Space -- Creating a network of African millennials to help bridge the gap of development by supporting each other as we take on projects on the contine